Renewable Forestry

At West Valley Hardwoods we’re firmly committed to preserving South America’s rainforests and renewing its natural resources. Here are some of the policies that we and our South American associates practice by:

  1. Government permits are issued before any logging takes place.

  2. No wood is taken through the use of clear cutting.

  3. Only a handful of trees are cut per acre. Sometimes, only one or two.

  4. No roads are built to haul logs. Most transporting takes place on waterways.

  5. Prime trees of the same species being logged must be left standing to help the rain-forest rejuvenate itself.

  6. Typically, no logging will take place in the same area for at least 15 years.

West Valley Hardwoods promotes sustainable forest practices, securing timber from mills that utilize the principles of sustainable forest management coupled with a stringent policy of reforestation. Rational harvesting from sustainable forests assures the health and continuity of this most valuable resource.

The process of selective timber harvesting is utilized, so that each tree is assessed for age and condition. Older trees are  often susceptible to disease and are removed first assuring that valuable resources are not left to waste away on the forest floor.

Wherever trees are harvested, either multiple trees are replanted or prime trees of the same species being logged are left standing to foster sustainable forest practices and complete the reforestation process.

In the final analysis, the process of rational harvesting from sustainable forests produces the highest quality lumber, while increasing the number of new healthy trees and allowing immature trees in the upper-story to benefit from increased sunlight and water. Because of the tropical climate, reforestation in South American rain forests occurs substantially faster than in temperate climates of North America.

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